SICA Europe Culinary Tour Day- 9,10

Day 9  –   Sept 19

Here we Come Electrolux Professional!

Day 9 started with check out from Al Tezzon hotel and off to Electrolux professional (a well known brand name that also manufactures  fine professional kitchen and laundry equipment) that was around 90 km away. After a coffee break we went around the company show room, understanding the products.

Chefs Bottega and Zedeimeier were the hosts in the Electrolux professional cooking studio.

Cooking studio

Methodology of ‘Cook and Chill’ for breads were dealt with in detail. Cook Chill system for those not familiar with involves cooking of food , rapid chilling and storing at safe temperature ideally at 3 C. The food can be reheated safely so that the core temperature of food reaches the prescribed temperatures. One has to refer to special charts that show reheating temperature requirements for different types of food.  It was nice to see some Ciabattta bread that came out of the ovens .Wonder why Ciabatta (airy and crispy outer crust bread) – Italian for slipper named for bread!  I understand it was named by the Chef Favaron (Chef who made the first Ciabatta);  made in response to French Baguette and it reminded him of his wife’s slippers.


Lunch was of course with some Ciabatta, squid salad, vegetable pancakes that were made by our chefs at the workshop, roast leg of lamb et all ,it was of course elaborate.


Chefs Deepa Arora and Ajit Bangera in action

Hard for one to keep awake after such a sumptuous lunch but it was not for Chefs at Electrolux. They kept us interested in the kitchen with Modular cooking presentation and demonstration. We also got to experience the Electrolux speedelight, high speed cooking equipment that combines contact, microwave and infrared technologies in single equipment. This Electrolux speedelight can dish out hot snacks like grilled sandwiches at super speeds.

We checked in to Best Western Hotel, Pordenone in the evening.

The dinner was at La Prosciutteria, Pordenone.  Bruchettas( bread topped with tomatoes),Smoked salmon, and some fine wine were on fare.


Dinner time and lighter moments !

I have to mention that our care taker Santosh Singh of Electrolux India was a gracious host and was a enthusiastic coordinator.

Day 10: Sept 20

Back to Venice

Chefs were back at Electrolux to visit the factory and the show room. In the factory we witnessed high precision equipment that was being used to fabricate the equipment. One common machine we could see in all the factories was Fiber laser machine from Salvagnini. This machine is an automated laser cutting high precision manufacturing equipment. We could also see ware housing, inventory management, metal folding, quality check and other manufacturing process and that they were impeccable. Back at the show room we witnessed the functioning and salient features of food processors, vegetable slicing machine and planetary mixer. It was back to Venice for the day trip. However a few chefs chose to stay back at our hotel in Pordenone. Venice by day was a different sight though ,Full of people and buzz.The cruise in the Grand Canal offered some fodder for the camera. The visuals were dramatic enough for screen savers and calendars.


Venice by Day- Rilato Bridge and Grand Canal

After a light lunch with pasta and pizza it was time for some souvenir shopping.


Photo Courtesy Vikram Cotah

Back to Podenone and to Alla Catina restaurant for dinner. Here we could savour some sea food platter, octopus with baby tomatoes, pasta and because we were in Italy some Prosecco.


Dinner At Alla Catina (picture courtesy Vikram Cotah)

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  1. Moth-watering goodies and scenic beauty captured at its best. If Italians can name a bread on slippers – we must come out with a Chappal Roti or a Cheruppu Dosa or a Cheppulu Uppuma! Great narration Vijas – Keep up the good work and keep us informed and entertained.

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