SICA Europe Culinary Tour Day -11

Day11: Sept 21

Bye Bye Italy, off to Switzerland

Chefs were looking forward to the day as we were traveling to the beautiful country of Switzerland. The bus ride took us to Lucerne, Switzerland. The journey of 550 km was dotted with some breathtaking views and we passed through many tunnels, one of which was 17 km long.

The lunch stop was at Autogrill and chefs enjoyed some pastas, sandwiches, grilled meat and crunchy salads. Evening in Lucerne was free and some chefs chose the cruise  on the lake.

Our choice was a bit different though, as we visited Church of St. Leodegar, which was built in 1639. We also strolled through the banks of the Lake Lucerne and walked  to the famous wooden Chapel Bridge across river Reuss. The bridge was a restored version as it was partly destroyed in fire in 1993. Many interior paintings dating back to the 17th century  dote the ceiling of the bridge.


The dinner was at Wildenmann hotel. A nice lounge awaited us at the restaurant with welcome beverages and snacks. Flavourful steaming Lemongrass cream soup with smoked salmon was very welcome to counter the chill of Switzerland. This was followed by Poulard (Chicken) with mushrooms and vegetables and mousse of chocolate.

Dinner at Wildermann Hotel

At all the dinners  one thing in common was the toast raised by chefs. The toast ceremony always recognised the contributions of partner establishments and people that were associated on the tour on that particular day. Today’s toast was to acknowledge Alberto Mettai and Santosh Singh of Electrolux. The night stay was at Birdland Hotel, Sempach.

Birdland Hotel, Sempach, Switzerland

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