SICA Europe Culinary Tour Day -12

Day 12 : Sept,22

Visit to Thermaline Electrolux at Sursee

A short bus ride from Semapch to Sursee we were at the Electrolux Thermaline factory set in scenic surroundings. Here we saw top of the line modular cooking equipment.

L-R  Selvaraj, Himanshu, Litwin, Vikram Cotah, Soundararajn, Alberto Mettai, Deepa and Jugesh Arora

Chef Helen Kunz was at hand to demonstrate the use of equipment. Chefs cooked alongside- lamb chops, fish, Prawns, grilled vegetables for lunch. Chefs were seen busy grilling, braising and of course some were sipping wine too.

After the lunch we were in for a surprise performance by Chef Helen Kunz. She played a traditional Alphorn, an instrument made of wood and the length normally is 3.5 meters. It has a cup shaped mouth piece. She played a melodious “D’Sonne Chonnd “. Some chefs tried their hand to play the instrument. Mostly we could hear only the air coming out of the instrument! Of course it required some expertise to play the Alphorn.

After this unexpected twist, we were back  on the factory floor and finished with presentations and honouring of Chef Helen, Santosh and Alberto of Electrolux by SICA. The dinner was at  Michelin star Sempacherhof Restaurant near the hotel. Coconut soup with lemon grass, fish and sweet dessert with plums were the fare at dinner. Chef Hanspeter Muller looks after the restaurant and accommodation( Mr. Vikram Cotah was staying at this place) and was kind enough to accommodate some last minute changes in the menu.


One thought on “SICA Europe Culinary Tour Day -12”

  1. Amazing photographs – with mouth watering eats. Leave alone playing the Alphorn; even handling the 3.5m long instrument must be a task by itself. Keep up the excellent narration.


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