SICA Europe Culinary Tour : Day-15

Day 15: Sept 25 

Visit to Salva and Maria Cristina

Mr. Andoni of Salva was on hand to show us around the factory. We also saw the new yet to be inaugurated show room. A product tour was done after a short presentation by Andoni and Sandeep. The quality assurance, the specialty of Salva heating elements for oven, the cost differential reasons between competition and Salva was explained in detail to chefs during the factory tour.

This was followed by recognizing and honouring of Salva team with Ponnadai and Thanjavur plate. The SICA team also presented the chefs with participation certificates as we were almost at the end of our tour. What followed was a short ride to our lunch venue Atalaia restaurant. Here we had a chance to choose from a Table d’hôte (menu with some choice) menu. Salmon, Lamb stew and Cheese mousse is what I preferred.

It was back to Hotel Jauregui for a wash and change and we were back to San Sebastian and to dine at Maria Cristina Hotel. I had the misfortune of missing out Arnold Schwarzenegger as I had had to relieve myself. He was there to attend the famous annual San Sebastian international film festival where he was also promoting the documentary ‘Wonders of the Sea’. I never knew sometimes the bathroom break could cost a miss like this, though many chefs bumped in to him in the hotel lobby. The dinner was welcome break in form Asian food at Saigon Restaurant in the hotel Maria Cristina.

Photo courtesy Vikram Cotah

It was Chef Sheetharam Prasad’s (General Secretary of SICA and Corporate Chef of GRT group of hotel), birthday and a cake cutting ceremony with birthday wishes song marked the celebrations.

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