SICA Europe Culinary Tour 2017 Day-3,4,5

Day 3:  Sept, 13

Chefs move to Wolfenbüttel

It was the day we had to depart from the wonderful town of BrettenA short bus ride to Karlsruhe Main station and we were off to our next stop, Wolfenbüttel.  Our first experience on an Inter City Express (ICE train), offering a good look at the country side. Off were many chefs to the pantry car to chill out. Soon we arrived at Braunschweig and changed on to another train to Wolfenbüttel.


on the way to Wolfenbüttel, in the Pantry car

bretten to wolfen

(Map Courtesy Google Maps)


The hotel was adjacent to the railway station. Without much ado we were at the Rilano 24/7 Hotel. Our Host, Mr. Daniel Metz of MKN (Manufacturers of high quality professional kitchen ware, including Combi ovens, FlexiChef, etc )  was there to assist all the way. Dinner was at Bayrischer Hof, a nice German Restaurant close to the hotel. Some German beer and German style meats and veggies ended with some Jägermeister completed our day. Talking about Jägermeister – The digestif that’s made with 56 herbs and famous world over is headquartered in Wolfenbüttel. Oh we were at the home of Jägermeister!


Dinner at Bayrischer Hof, Wolfenbüttel


Day 4: Sept 14


Next day it was an early start and Chefs assembled in front of the lovely Hotel Rilano for a photo shoot. MKN cooking theater was our next stop after a short bus ride. Meanwhile we were joined by the MKN team of Ms. Mohua Das and Chef Rehteesh Nair from India.


A short tour of the show room was followed by a tour of the MKN factory. It was an eye-opener for the chefs to understand the strict quality assurance and control procedures that were practiced at the factory.  The dramatic MKN cooking theater was the venue for show casing their signature products FlexiChef and FlexiCombi.  The Cooking Theater at the MKN was unique with good view of the cooking arena for each and every seated person.  The cooking and preparation was captured by strategically placed cameras and projection was crisp and you could clearly observe the food being cooked or prepared. The Chefs had firsthand experience of using the equipment along with MKN chefs. This was followed by lunch that was cooked at the work shop. Some delectable salmon, meats and grilled sweet peppers along with some traditional German pretzel bread was on offering at the lunch. A interesting fact about MKN factory that it has a certificate from Guinness World records in the year 2010 for the largest serving of iconic popular curry wurst (German Sausage dish with curry ketchup) that weighed 175.2 Kg!   Some preparation was done for the evening barbecue dinner.21740008_125007338230611_1125378869952237938_nMKN Kitchen Theater

By evening we were back at MKN to savour a nice Barbeque dinner. The wet weather couldn’t dampen our spirits. Succulent fish, Meat and vegetables were on hand at the Barbeque, more Jägermeister followed courtesy Daniel!  So the experience was complete as chefs used the equipment and tasted the food that was made using the equipment.

BBQ at MKN, Wolfenbüttel (image courtesy Vikram Cotah)

I have to mention about the chef coats that were provided by Cuisiniers Clothing (Clothing Company based out of Chennai). These lovely comfortable clothing was well designed and importantly carried the logos of the partners. All the chefs no doubt looked dapper in the outfit and at the same time the fit was comfortable to work in the kitchen.  A big Thank You from the entire team to the Cuisiniers Clothing!

Image courtesy Chef Soundararajan

Day 5: Sept 15

Day of Tandoori Chicken and Sous Vide

mknChefs in Front of MKN Factory

After Breakfast, chefs were back at the MKN food theater to learn more of cooking, and the Sous Vide cooking (Cooking under Vacuum) was the specialty show of the day.

Sous-vide (French for “under vacuum”) is a method of cooking in which food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch and then placed in a water bath or steam environment for longer than normal cooking times (usually 1 to 7 hours, up to 48 or more in some cases) at an accurately regulated temperature much lower than normally used for cooking (typically around 55 to 60 °C (131 to 140 °F) for meat, higher for vegetables). The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and to retain moisture.

For more details

Vacuum Packed and ready to cook (image courtesy Vikram Cotah)

What followed was very close to heart of touring chefs, Indian food! Sumptuous lunch with Tandoori Chicken, dal et all were cooked using MKN equipment. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by chefs to cook their favourite food was very much evident

21740233_10155748939309187_1115421949818020455_nTandoori Chicken ready to go into FlexiCombi @MKN (image courtesy Vikram Cotah)


21730819_125127394885272_2051167388722130261_nMKN Team felicitated with Ponnadai and Thanjavur plate

After a short tour of Wolfenbüttel in the evening we were at Da Giovanni – restaurant just a few meters away from the hotel. A very nice Italian eatery that had some fine wines to go along with the food. We had to wind up a bit early as we looked forward to the next day at Berlin.

Da Giovanni at Wolfenbüttel

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  1. What a treat to the eyes – your images are classy and my salivary glands are already working overtime. Your narration is excellent – acids in my stomach is already churning. Chef Bhaskar can not only cook but also convey the taste and presentation of the food through his writing. Compliments.

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